Duchess Bake Shop - Book Review (Part 1 - Cookies)

Duchess Bake Shop" - French inspired recipes from our bakery to your home

We all have a shop where we could get lost for hours. Arts supplies? Car parts? Shoes? For me, that's usually a book store. Indigo in Canada, Waterstones in the UK, Barnes & Noble in the US. I've spent countless hours getting completely swallowed up in these places. I get so much joy searching for a new novel to get lost in, soaking in the images of a good coffee table book and of course perusing all the new recipe books. Last week, I wanted to purchase a few fiction pieces to enjoy in the sun. My husband Andrew came along as I headed for our local Indigo store in Ottawa. Now, I know Andrew loves spending time at Indigo, but sometimes I take too long and he gets impatient (sorry babe!). But this time, off he went while I contemplated every best seller. Later on, I see him walking away from the cashier, bag in hand. "What did you get?" I asked very surprised. "It's a gift, you get to open it later."

"Duchess Bake Shop" - French inspired recipes from our bakery to your home

I was ecstatic! French baking, check! Beautiful book, check! Canadian bakery, check check! I did not know anything about Duchess Bake Shop before getting my hands on this book. They are a bakery based in Edmonton (Canada) and let me tell you - I've never had the desire to go to Edmonton in my life, but now I am contemplating the idea haha. So in I dove, discovering the world and story of Duchess Bake Shop.

Rosemary Chocolate Fleur de Sel cookies

The first recipe that caught my attention was their "Rosemary Chocolate Fleur de Sel cookies". Maybe it's just because the book naturally opens in the middle to this recipe but I knew right away I had to make these cookies. Fast forward a few days and I am popping these bad boys in the oven. Now! Before I go any further, I do want to make it clear. Not all cookbooks or recipe books are created equal!!! My experience has taught me that many authors provide very complex recipes with insufficient detail and leave out relevant information about ingredients ensuring that you will fail. (I have a few of these maybe I'll post about "How to identify a bad cookbook" in a future post)

This book though was full of promise. Simple recipes with straightforward ingredients lists living side by side with more "expert level" pastries for which step-by-step images are provided. Good job Duchess! I had high hopes. As those rosemary fleur de sel cookies were cooking away, I knew we had a winner. Cookies with the right ratio of butter and sugar behave a certain way in the oven and these were looking fabulous. I could hardly wait for them to cool down before trying them - but do let them cool down because the rosemary flavor that comes through afterwards is divine.

And do be honest, everything about these cookies is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Oatmeal Milk Chocolate Cookies

Conclusion! Would I buy this book again? ABSOLUTELY

You may think me too easy to please, but when a recipe book delivers 2 recipes that are absolutely "spot on" and have turned out great, I am sold. I have only tried 2 cookie recipes so far but I am planning on trying their croissant dough recipe this weekend as I have had requests from friends for cronuts and almond croisssants. This will be a great test for this book. Stay tuned! I'll post about those in Part 2 of this review. But for now, thank you Duchess Bake Shop! for publishing a beautiful cookbook with recipes that actually work.

If you'd like to get your hands on a copy of this book or their other titles, I've checked and they are available at Indigo in Canada, Barnes & Noble in the US and on Amazon.


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