Jan 2021 Coffee Feature - Kohi Micro-Torrefacteur

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As this is my first post on coffee, I wanted to share that I have been purchasing coffee from local and Canadian roaster for years now. When the 2020 pandemic hit, I decided to support as many local coffee roasters as I could by ordering their beans. I have tried a different roaster every month since and have accumulated a good amount of knowledge regarding different styles and flavor profiles.

I want the purpose of these coffee features to be to highlight and bring your attention to a new roaster you may not know or may be considering. The enjoyment of coffee is 100% subjective and I do not want to pretend I know more about tasting coffee than I do nor do I want to sway anyone in trying or not trying a coffee. This is more about sharing my experiences and I hope you will also share yours with me.



I'm not sure how I discovered Kohi Micro-torréfacteurs (micro-roaster) from Prévost, Quebec, but after going over their website, one thing I appreciated was that they offer training to better brew and understand coffee. Although I haven't taken them up on that offer, it is very appealing.

I ordered 2 varieties of coffee: Zen - their decaf blend from Colombia and Silva - their Brazilian classic. I should mention that I always order a decaf coffee due to suffering from ulcerative colitis and needing to limit my caffeine consumption. The Brazilian blend appealed to me as they highlighted tasting notes of cacao, grilled almonds and syrup.

The Zen blend...

I was a little underwhelmed by this coffee at first. My first pot had little flavor and although not bitter or unpleasant it left me wanting more. I noticed afterwards that the roasters provide brewing suggestions for different types of coffee makers. I adjusted my ratios based on their recommendation. N.B. I was using a French press. With appropriate ratios, the coffee was much more tasteful. The Zen blend is described as having notes of blueberry, fudge and macadamia but my husband and I both agreed that the dominant flavor we could find was that of molasses. For a coffee being drunk in winter it was actually perfect, though it might not be my first choice in the summertime.

Silva - The Brazilian classic...

Coming soon!


My brewing set-up

I do not pretend to have any formal training in the tasting and appreciation of coffee... just many many years of drinking coffee. I buy whole beans and use a Baratza Encore burr grinder. I use either a Bodum French press or a Bialetti Venus stovetop espresso maker to brew.