March 2021 Coffee Feature - Detour Coffee from Hamilton

In February, during an impromptu visit to one of my favorite local coffee shops, (Palmier, in Chelsea, Quebec), I was able to grab a bag of beans from Anchored coffee. I will admit that I was taken by the name and description of the roast - Love Potion No.9: a coffee for those allergic to roses or who just prefer coffee.

I've wanted to order from Anchored Coffee for a long time but I'm sorry, I just can't swallow a $15 shipping fee (to anywhere in Canada) when I'm already spending $20+ per bag of coffee. So I was pleased that Palmier carry their beans allowing me to try their roasts without forking out even more money.

I only purchased one bag, which left me feeling a little short for a full month's feature on here. Luckily, my friend and I got to chatting and we realized we both shared an immense love for coffee. She shared with me some of her favorite Canadian roasters, suggesting a few I might want to try. Then, by some sort of Covid miracle, she and I were able to meet-up and we arranged for a nice little bean exchange.

Seriously! If any of you are purchasing beans in too large amounts or have beans you want to get rid of, I highly recommend reaching out to your social circle. You might discover, as I did recently, that you have some serious coffee lovers willing to share the fun.

So after our exchange, I was excited to have a total of 5 coffees to try during the month of March allowing me to discover many new roasters at one:

- Anchored Coffee from Dartmouth, NS

- Detour Coffee from Hamilton, ON

- Phil & Sebastian from Calgary, AB

- Luna Coffee from Langley, BC

I was more interested in trying the two coffees she brought me from Detour Coffee so I have chosen them to be my feature roaster for March.

About Detour Coffee

From their website:

"One of Canada’s earliest specialty coffee roasters, the [Detour coffee] brand was built on the idea that coffee should be more than just mindless morning fuel. Our founder, Kaelin McCowan, believed that if he sourced and secured the highest quality green coffees in the world, and roasted fresh to order, people would fall in love with what’s in the cup. Nearly a decade later our mission remains unchanged. We continue to strive to elevate coffee and act as industry leaders through ongoing experimentation and development."

The two Detour coffees I had the pleasure of trying were:


  • HUMURE, RWANDA (Single origin)

Before I go any further, can I just say how impressed I am by the fact that Detour coffee provides full barista tasting guides on their website! Not only for the roasts they have on hand at the moment but for their previous roasts as well. This means you can get all the details about a specific coffee by downloading their PDFs. I am 100% geeking out with excitement here folks!


Humure Rewanda

Origin: Remera Sector, Gatsibo District, Eastern Province

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Flavor notes: Dried cranberry, Lemon, Sponge Toffee

Carrizal Arriba

Origin: Leon Cortez, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Varietal: Red Catuai

Process: Yellow honey

Flavor notes: Sweet Orange, Toffee, Melon

My selections of coffees in the past have been a bit more random, but as I taste more and more, I am now opting for one African bean selection and one South-American selection or if the roaster are offering something wild or exotic I might try those. I am finding that I personally do really love a nice bold, possibly darker roast, of the varietals most common to the African continent. If I could only drink one coffee for the rest of my life, that'd be my go to. But the other varietals found in other regions of the world keep the tastings exciting.

All that to say, I have really really enjoyed the Humure Rwanda roast. I have tried it my espresso machine, my Aeropress and my French press and have always obtained great results. I don't want to take away anything from this coffee by saying it is "straightforward". On the contrary, I greatly appreciate the ease with which I can enjoy this coffee.

The Carrizal definitely has cirtus undertones and these are easy to identify. I don't know why but I would describe this coffee as "summery". I think because the notes are light and floral it makes me feel like it would be a perfect cup for warmer weather.

I was very pleased by both coffees, although very different, and impressed by the level of information available for the roasters. This last fact alone, makes me very motivated to re-order from Detour in the near future.

Happy drinking!


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