May 2021 Coffee Feature - Blue Barn Coffee, Wakefield, QC

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

To the 3 people who read this blog, I apologize for not including a coffee feature this past April. If you read by post back in March, you'll know I received quite a few coffee beans from my friend and so I was working my way through those for weeks. Since I hadn't chosen the coffees and roasters and seeing how April was in fact quite busy, I did not have the tasting notes to generate a post.

But that was April and now it is May!

This weekend, my husband and I just happened to drive up to Wakefield Quebec for a walk in the Gatineau Hills with our dog. It was unplanned. If it hadn't been, I would've timed this so that I could drop in to Patisserie La Toque (a must if you are in the region) or to grab a coffee at Bluebarn Coffee, which opened last year but we'd not yet had the chance to visit due to lockdowns in our region.

Bluebarn Coffee (c/o Facebook page)

I've been familiar with Bluebarn Coffee for a few years now as a select number of cafés and restaurants in the Ottawa/Gatineau region carry and serve their coffee. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Blue Barn Coffee was the first place I ordered beans form to keep me happy while I got through my two week isolation after flying back from Europe.

I am becoming more and more curious about where different roasters source their beans. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of coffee bean trade, but I thought Blue Barn's position interesting:

"Direct Trade means that we are building long-term relationships with our green coffee producers by getting to know the farmers, visiting the farms, and coming to a mutual understanding of the values and ethics that are central to our respective businesses, in order to forge partnerships that are built on trust."

On this trip to the roasters, I purchased 3 bags of coffee:

  • Decaf, Colombia, Cauca

  • Solstice Espresso

  • Trifecta Espresso

I tried both espressos in the Gaggia and as the first specialty coffees I was truly impressed by the difference in using these coffees for espresso versus a larger brand espresso.

I used the decaf coffee with my Aeropress and French press. This coffee is described as having citrusy notes as well as vanilla and hazelnut. Both my husband and I thought it was extremely delicate and pleasant and enjoyed it greatly.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Wakefield, I would make a point to visit Blue Barn Coffee. Although we visited during a peak time of the pandemic, which meant we couldn't sit in and enjoy the beautiful space, I look forward to returning and sitting in with a coffee. Also, their food and baked goods offering looks fantastic. Haven't yet tried, but will make sure to include them in a subsequent post next time we're up there.

Have you been to Bluebarn Coffee or tried their beans?

Drop me a note to let me know your thoughts!




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