Sept 2021 Coffee Feature - Yamabiko Coffee Roasters, Sutton, Quebec

I want to make this post short and sweet, but first I must quickly talk about the Eastern Townships.

The Eastern Townships (also sometimes referred to as the Estrie region of Quebec) is an area that lies southeast of Montreal and borders Vermont and New Hampshire in the United-States. Key cities include Sherbrooke and Granby, but the townships are probably better known for their beautiful ski hills and villages such as Magog, Orford, Sutton and so on.

Both my parents grew up in Sherbrooke and my family traces it's roots across various villages in the townships. We would visit this region regularly as kids, especially during the summer to visit our grand-parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I never realized how magical this part of our country was until years passed where I no longer visited regularly. Then my father married my step-mother and they held their wedding in the townships and it was like I was rediscovering this region all over again.

Mount Chauve - Orford Provincial Park

Years later, my husband and I started taking getaways to this region more regularly. We love to hike and the mountains and hills in this area a breathtaking. The region is home to many fantastic vineyards and foodies will get their fix as well.

I also have to admit it was in part due to the series of books authored by Louise Penny which are set in the townships that we chose to return regularly. (Ms. Penny launches her books at a small bookstore in Knowlton, QC and I now make it a tradition to always purchase her books from this store.)

This year we chose to spend labour day weekend in the village of Sutton. It's a lovely little place very popular with skiers in the winter. Although the main street is probably less than 1 km long, you'll find many quaint shops and restaurants to try there including 2 breweries that shouldn't be missed.

As with any of my travels, I always make discovering new coffee shops part of the adventure. As I write this, the village of Sutton doesn't have a straight-up "coffee shop" per say, but they have a handful of cafés which will give you your caffeine fix. And the situation will soon change thanks to Yamabiko Coffee Roasters .

If you Google "coffee shop" in Sutton, one of your results will be Yamabiko Coffee. But you won't find a storefront with that name. Instead, pop into Bagels Round Top and head to the back where you'll find a small counter serving up fantastic coffee.

Yamabiko Coffee Roasters is the creation of seasoned barista Nahoko, originally from Japan, and her partner Chris. They met in Australia and have made their way across Canada from Vancouver to Sutton where they've now settled. You can read more about their story on their Instagram page (@yamabikocoffeeroasters) or by visiting Sutton - I highly recommend the latter.

As I stick to my decaf for now - at the request of my guts who are so tempermental - I've picked up a bag of Nahoko's Swiss Water Decaf from Peru.

From the roasters:

This is no ordinary decaf, you don't have to sacrifice flavour for this decaf. Delicious as an espresso with or without milk for those times when you want another coffee, but probably don't really need the caffeine.

In the cup you will find remarkably low acidity, with a classic flavour profile of chocolate, and nuts. Delicious as a pour over, or as an espresso with milk!

FARMS: Junin and San Martin Producer Blend


REGIONS: Moyobamba, San Martin, Chanchamaya, Junin, Pichanaki

PROCESS: Washed, Swiss Water Decaf

CERTIFICATIONS: FairTrade, Organic


TASTE: Coffee Bean, Dark Chocolate, Almond

BREW METHODS: Espresso, Filter, Pour Over

Swiss Water Decaf - Peru - Image c/o Yamabiko Coffee Roasters


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