Summer 2021 Coffee Feature - The Roasters Pack (Subscription)

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I'm switching things up!

Earlier this summer my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. As a gift, he treated me to a 3 month subscription from The Roasters Pack . I've been super impressed by the service that I wanted to make sure I covered it here.

Plus, if you'd noticed, I haven't had anytime to cover other roasters these past few months so this will keep me going!


Honestly, I couldn't be happier that someone started a service like The Roasters Pack!

It was exactly what I had been dreaming about since last year when I started ordering coffees from all the small roasters I could think of across Canada. A one stop shop, where you can tell the organizers what you are in to in terms of coffee and they will curate a selection for you. I knew that if someone took care of purchasing beans in larger quantities and recruiting different roasters across the country, it would help drive awareness and allow for competitive pricing.

The founders of the Roaster's Pack have also done an amazing job at providing not just the coffee, but an experience. Each pack of coffee you receive will contain 3 bags, depending on the type of subscription selected. Each bag of coffee is then accompanied by an info card which tells you more about the roasters, the beans and a little story, some useful facts or a mini-article about coffee.

In my first subscription, one of the cards feature the roaster's preferred Aeropress method for that specific coffee, which I greatly appreciated. Right away I jumped up and got my press out to try.

They also offer additional coffee swag which can be added on to the subscription boxes if you're thinking of offering it as a gift. My husband chose a latte art book for me as he knows I have some serious goals I want to achieve with my Gaggia.

So which coffee roasters have I been able to try or discover?

June box:

July box:

August box:

I knew of about half of these roasters and so it was so much fun to discover new places I had never heard of. I will certainly be ordering coffees from a few of these places in the coming months in the hopes of featuring more information about them if possible.

I do wish I had taken more time to write notes about the different coffees as I was tasting them, but honestly, I was just enjoying having so much variety and being able to change up my coffee regularly. Each of the small coffee pouches also highlights some tasting notes, so for those new to specialty coffee, it helps identify the dominant notes you should be looking for.

I ended up trying most of the coffees using the Aeropress as I could make one cup at a time although I did try a few of them in a French press as well so that I could share with my hubby.

My subscription was for decaf coffees and I was very pleased with the information cards provided. They taught me quite few facts about coffee which I was not aware of. Anyone who raises their nose at decaf should truly take time to give these coffees a try.

If you end up trying a Roaster's Pack subscription, drop me a line and let me know which roasters you end up discovering.



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